Adhesives Synthetic resin emulsion

Daicel FineChem has 2 kinds of adhesives in it's product line up.
[ CEVIAN-A ( Vinyl acetate emulsion ) ] , [ AQUABRID ( Acrylic emulsion ) ] are well known by its high quality of adhesiveness, and had been used for many applications.
Our slogan is " The best solution for customer " , and we Daicel Miraizu Ltd. had been developped specialized products for our customers.
Especially , [ CEVIAN-A ( Vinyl acetate emulsion) ] 's high quality had been featured by " Tabacco " and " joint glue for cardboard " .

" Vinyl acetate emulsion for Tabacco "

Cigarette Filters

We have specialized vinyl acetate emulsion grades for "Tabacco" application, namely for "Tabacco filter", "tipping glue", and "Tabacco package".
Especially, "tipping glue" has excellent wet tack, stability. It's good workability remains even in case of using high speed tipping machine.

" Joint glue for cardboard "

Joint glue for cardboard

Our "joint glue for cardboard" has the highest market share in Japanese market for many years. And our experience for this application keep us studying uptodate development of this product.
* "CEVIAN-A" is suitable for high speed machine
* "CEVIAN-A" is suitable for both roll type glue providing system, and nozzle type glue providing system
* "CEVIAN-A" is suitable even for difficult adhesive cardboard boxes like water proof and waxed papers commonly used for fish, vegetable, frozen food.
* "CEVIAN-A"does not use BTX (Benzene, Toluene, Xylene) and Phthalate as raw material.

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