Resin Materials Sales and Marketing Department

We continuously are developing a highly functional thermoplastic compound based on SAN /ABS /PP resin.
We are ready to solve customer’s requirement such as flame retardant, reinforcement of various fillers, alloys with engineering plastics
We have a lineup of long fiber reinforced resins that replace metals and FRPs, and Cellulose plastics that are highly compatible with the global environment.
Its wide range of products are provided in daily necessities, electric appliances, office automation equipment, sports equipment.

Daicel group had been started as Celluloid company, and Daicel Miraizu is succeeding business of its origin. We are maker of Cellulose Acetate plastics;
Acetyloid® :Plastic sheet for glass frames
Acety®   :Pellet for tools (Screw driver), oil tank etc.