Acetyloid© FAQ

What is Acetyloid made of?
Main component is cellulose acetate, which is made of cellulosic raw material, cotton linter and wood pulp.
Why "Acetyloid" is good for sunglass and optical frames?
There are several reasons;
• Acetyloid’s raw material is cotton linter and wood pulp. So people feel comfortable, when wearing products made of Acetyloid.
• Frames made of cellulose acetate would hold lenses tightly due to it tends to shrink over time.
• Easy to polish.
• It is easy to cut & bend. It can be processed like wood due to its special properties inherited from cotton linter & wood pulp.
• Cellulose acetate frames are fit for various head shape because the temples can be easily adjusted by applying heat.
• Specification & sheet size
Please find attached link for detail.
Why Acetyloid had been selected by famous branded optical frames and sunglasses?
Acetyloid is comparatively harder than other cellulose acetate sheets which gain lesser deformation, and longer lasting shine for the frames made of it. This is the reason why Acetyloid had been selected by branded frames.
Is it possible to develop custom designs?
We have developed various colors & patterns for the branded frames. Please contact us for details.
How often dose Daicel FineChem present new color and pattern for eyewear market?
We usually present new collection 2 times per year, on spring and autumn. You will find our new collection on our homepage.
How can we get samples?
Please feel free to contact our sales office to check stock situation.
We are keeping various kind of sample in Daicel Prosperity (China) in HK, our R&D center in Himeji, Japan,which is about 1 hour away from Osaka.
Where is your sales office?
We have our sales division in HK and Japan.
How can we laminate 2 cellulose acetate sheets together?
We recommend our adhesive "Acetylamie" for lamination. Please contact Daicel Prosperity (China) for details.
Do you have same design for front and temple of the frame?
We have same design in different thickness. Please contact us for detail.
What kind of sheet design can you produce?
We are producing cellulose acetate sheet by three kinds of method: Block, Compression, and Extrusion. There are limited suppliers who can produce cellulose acetate sheet with all three methods, so we are confident to provide you much more colors and designs compared with other suppliers.

For your information, we are also producing cellulose acetate granules.
What is block sheet?
Many cellulose acetate sheets we found at the market are extrusion sheets which are mainly made by machineries. On the contrary, block sheet is handmade by professional craftsmen. Firstly, we made several raw color blocks separately, and our craftsmen would cut these blocks into certain shapes and put each piece in the right place to complete our design.
Are you producing celluloid sheet now?
We still provide celluloid to some of our Japanese customer who is making celluloid optical frame.
Do you have any outlet cellulose acetate sheet?
Please feel free to contact us.
Are you handling other raw material for optical market?
Our HK office, Daicel Prosperity (China) Ltd., is handling following products
• Titanium raw material
• Titanium frame processing machine
• Polyamid 12 pellet
• Adhesive agent for cellulose acetate sheet