Cellulose plastics

Most plastics in the world are made from petroleum, but our plastic are made from Cellulose such as wood pulp and cotton linter. We have Cellulose Acetate plastic pellet and sheet. And we are producing Cellulose Acetate sheet by 3 kinds of production method. Cellulose Acetate plastic has high transparency, oil resistance, and has smooth skin feel.


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Acetyloid is Cellulose plastic made of Cellulose Acetate flakes. Most of glass frames are made of Cellulose Acetate plastics, and we have three kinds of sheet made by production method.

Acetyloid block 

"Acetyloid Block" made by same production method as Celluloid, and can make complicated patterns with a natural deep color combination that cannot be found in other materials which are produced by other methods.So glass frames of many famous bland made of these high graded raw materials. On the other hand, production lead time is longer compared with another production methods.

Acetylid compression 

Compression sheet"Acetyloid compression" has color tones with full sense of depth, as well as a rich color. Because of "compression" process, we are able to make products of smaller sizes and in shorter period of time compared with block sheet.

Extrusion sheet 

Glass frames are made of " Extrusion sheet " now. With a multicolored extrusion process, we are able to make many colors and patterns such as mono, multi layers, solid, two-tone, and gradation color. We also have laminated sheet, combination of block sheet and extrusion sheet which has more complicated composition and pattern.


  Unit Acetyloid®
Block Compression Extrusion
mm about 1,400 360 640 / 1,000
mm about 635 320 150~230
Deflection Temperature Under Load
60~70 60~70 60~70
Flexural Strength
MPa 50~70 45~55 45~55
Specific Gravity
1.27~1.32 1.27~1.32 1.27~1.32
Tensile Strength at Break
MPa 45~55 38~45 38~45
% 25~40 25~40 25~40
Impact Strength
J/m 100~150 100~150 100~150

*Note Values shown are based on testing of laboratory test specimens and represent data