CELISH / TIARA (Microfibrillated products)

CELISH (Microfibrillated Cellulose)

CELISH is cellulose fiber, microfibrillated by special manufacturing process, and is produced from highly refined, pure fiber raw materials. The raw material fiber is unraveled into tens of thousands of strands, and the fiber thickness is refined to between several μm and 0.01μm. Because it is refined so that it does not impair the exact basic characteristics of the cellulose raw material (physical and chemical stability etc.), high-value-added product settings are possible.

Our microfibrillated fibers used for various applications; binder of fibers and powders, paper strength enhancer in paper making, texture improver in foods, filtration agent for liquors, etc.

・10%-35% solid paste
・Had been refined only by physical processing, without chemical treatment.


TIARA (Microfibrillated Aramid)

TIARA is a microfibrillated product made from aramid fiber, which is known for its excellent tensile strength and thermal resistance, and treated in a super-high-pressure homogenizer to give it high mechanical shearing strength. Shredding and refining the raw material fiber by microfibrillation, mainly in the direction of the fiber, allows us to obtain an aramid fiber with a microfibrillation that it did not possess originally.



CELISH grade line up

1.Filtration grade

Grade Loss on Drying Comment
PC110T 63.0〜67.0%  
PC110A 63.0〜67.0%  
PC110B 63.0〜67.0%  
“Roka Meijin” 63.0〜67.0%  
PC110S 63.0〜67.0%  


2.Food grade

Grade Loss on Drying Comment
FD100F 78.0〜82.0%  
FD100G 89.0〜91.0%  
FD200L 78.0〜82.0%  


3.Industrial grade

Grade Solid content Comment
KY100S 23.0〜27.0%  
KY100G 9.0〜11.0% Fine net structure

TIARA grade line up

4.Industrial grade

Grade Solid content Comment
KY400S 18.0〜22.0% Microfibrillated Aramid fiber