HEC (Hydroxyethyl Cellulose)

Special Characteristics

・HEC is nonionic and is not affected easily by salts or metal irons.
・SP SE are dispersion improved type. EP EE are normal dissolution type.
・There are various grades depending on viscosity (molecular weight).
・Besides different grades for industrial use, we line up grades available for The Japanese standards of Quasi-Drug Ingredients.

Hydroxyethyl Cellulose

HEC DAICEL grade line up

1.General use grades(SP type:Dispersion improved type)

SP200 80-170(5%)
SP400 80-130(2%)
SP500 300-400(2%)
SP600 4800-6000(2%)
SP850 2400-3000(1%)
SP900 4000-5500(1%)


2.Cosmetic grade(SE type:Dispersion improved type)

Grade Viscosity/mPa・s(Conc.)
SE400 80-130(2%)
SE550 1000-2000(2%)
SE600 4800-6000(2%)
SE850 2400-3000(1%)
SE900 4000-5500(1%)


3.Cosmetic grade(EEtype:Nomal dissolution type)

Grade Viscosity/mPa・s(Conc.)
EE820 1300-2100(1%)